Co-founders of SeaBubbles company Swedish Anders Bringdal (L, driving) and French Alain Thebault (C,R), stand with Mayor of Paris (C,L) Anne Hidalgo on board a Bubble electric maritime ‘flying taxi‘ during a demonstration on June 16, 2017 on the river Seine in Paris. Aeronautical engineers and watermen Anders Bringdal and Alain Thebault are co-founders and developers of the SeaBubbles zero-impact transportation ecosystem. | Joel Saget/AFP/Getty Images

Prototype ‘James Bond’ Water Taxi Has a Noiseless Test Through Paris

The transport startup SeaBubbles has developed an aerodynamic prototype that it hopes will provide an eco-friendly option for getting around the French capital within four years.

Published On 06/16/2017
3:39 PM EDT