Artificial Intelligence

This Artificial Intelligence System Can ID Faces Even If They Are Disguised

Head coverings and fake beards have foiled face recognition technologies, but a new system overcomes many of the challenges while raising privacy concerns.

Published On 09/08/2017
7:35 AM EDT
Photos of a woman in disguise — wearing a hat and fake facial hair — with key visible points of her face marked in red. These points are linked and processed by a new AI face recognition system. | Amarjot Singh et al.
Photos of a person in disguise — wearing glasses and fake facial hair— with key-points noted in red. | Amarjot Singh et al.
The MegaFace dataset contains 1 million images representing more than 690,000 unique people. It was the first benchmark that tested facial recognition algorithms at a million scale. | University of Washington
Amarjot Singh et al.