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Tech-y Shoes Sport Flexible, Customizable Display

These kicks have flexible displays so you can change their design on the fly from your phone.

Brace yourselves, sneaker collectors. The game is going places it's never been before.

Limited edition high-tech sneaks from the New York-based startup ShiftWear have flexible displays that put your imagination on your feet.

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The sneakers have curved, flexible high-definition displays that are visible in daylight. They connect wirelessly to a phone or tablet through a design app. "If it's on a digital screen, you can get it on this sneaker," the voiceover on ShiftWear's video overview says (see below).

The shoe app also connects to a marketplace similar to Threadless, where you can sell original designs or purchase ones from other animators and illustrators. Designs can be static, animated, black and white or full color. Examples in ShiftWear's video demo showed Van Gogh replicas, eye-catching anime, and a brick wall animation.

They come in three styles: a low-top, a mid-top, and - of course - a high top. Each one contains batteries that recharge with each step, according to ShiftWear's site. They're also waterproof, machine-washable, and have Kevlar Fiber-coated soles to protect all that tech.

ShiftWear has already blown past their Indiegogo campaign goal, and they've still got time left. Ranging from $150 to $350 depending on the style, these shoes are more affordable than I was expecting. Their expected ship date is fall 2016.

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