Penalties for tax evasion and fraud can and often will lead to fines and jail time. | Getty Images

Tax Cheats Hall of Fame: Photos

As many of the names on this list would surely attest, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will make you settle up your tab, no matter who you are.

April 15, 2013
7:00 AM EDT
Though released from jail, Wesley Snipes will complete his sentence under house arrest. | Corbis Images
Leona Helmsley was reportedly obsessed with avoiding paying taxes. | Corbis Images
Willie Nelson's run-in with the tax man almost cost him everything he owned. | Corbis Images
Even if you win $1 million as far away as Borneo, Uncle Sam is going to take his share. | Corbis Images
O.J. Simpson just can't stay out of trouble. | Corbis Images
The founder of "Girls Gone Wild" has had a number of run-ins with authorities, including the IRS. | Corbis Images
Richard Pryor could never again use the same excuse for not paying his taxes in 1974. | Corbis Images
Spiro Agnew's resignation marked the second time in history that a vice president suddenly vacated his office. | Corbis Images
Chicago's most famous gangster lost his hold on his empire simply for not paying his taxes. | Corbis Images
The entrance to the building housing the Internal Revenue Service. | Corbis Images