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Tasty Tech Eye Candy of the Week (May 1)

A crazy, twisting slide, a hovering drone camera and a garden barge floating in New York's harbor top this week's Tasty Tech gallery.

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A crazy, twisting slide, a hovering drone camera and a garden barge floating in New York's harbor top this week's Tasty Tech gallery. Above: The world's tallest and longest slide tunnel is scheduled to open to the public this June in London. About 584 ft long and 249 ft tall, the ArcelorMittal Orbit has twelve twists and turns, a tight corkscrew section and a long, speedy stretch to the finish. See a behind-the-scenes video


of the construction.

Engineer and inventor James Dyson, whose company is known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, hand-drying products, and annual industrial design contest has a new product ready for the market: The Dyson Hair hair dryer. Lightweight, compact and silent to the human ear, it will go on sale in June with a retail price of about US $436. See a video


that explains the technology inside the appliance.

These floating solar panels from Vienna University of Technology are lightweight and flexible enough to bob on just about any kind of water surface, where they can generate solar power for coastal communities or help power desalination plants.

Each year, forest fires destroy large tracts of land, create air pollution and kill people. This

Birdhouse Alarm

from designers at Ogilvy & Mather in Madrid, is equipped with a solar-powered Arduino-based smoke detector and a phone that reports potential fires to a local fire station.

This week, DARPA awarded a few contracts to develop a new kind of armored transport vehicle that's lightweight, autonomous, and able to roll over just about any terrain. The GXV-T can be carried by a Chinook helicopter, has a semi-autonomous driver function and 360-degree high-definition video capable of giving crews greater situational awareness. A video


demonstrates how the vehicle could work.

Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotic introduced the beta version of its Hover Camera, a compact, foldable drone able to capture aerial and video photography. A strong carbon fiber frame encloses the propellers, making it possible to hold the drone when it's active. The camera produces 13-megapixel stills and 4K video.

Luxury ship maker, Migaloo, now has a submersible yacht for all you up-and-coming one-percenters. The two-story, 377-foot vessel has a helipad, eight VIP suites, a swimming pool, movie theater and the ability to dive to 787 feet.

A new Kickstart project is working to raise $100,000 to help build a submersible robot to explore the superheated and acrid waters of Yellowstone Lake. Designed to dive to 5,000 feet, the robot will take high-def images and video as well as collect samples of sediments, water and biological material to help reveal secrets of the microbial life there.

This summer, a garden barge called Swale will dock in Brooklyn, Governors Island and the Bronx. Growing onboard are patches of scallions, rosemary, blueberries, wild leek, radicchio, ramps, sea kale and other fresh produce that residents will be invited to harvest. Swale has a


aimed at increasing access to fresh food in New York City.

For city dwellers, a compact electric vehicle to get a person from here to there is really all they need. The Generation 8 SRK from Eugene, Ore.-based


, will have a base price of $12,000 and a top speed of 80mph. Two seats and space for cargo will make it a great little vehicle for running errands.