Tasty Tech Eye Candy of the Week (July 3)

Squishy wheels, slippery surfaces and a scary mask round out this week's gallery.

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style="text-align: left;">Icelandic singer Björk, known for her avant guarde approach to art, debuted a custom, 3D-printed mask during a performance in Tokyo this past week. Rottlace, as the the mask is called, was made by a team at MIT's Mediated Matter lab and Stratasys, lead by professor Neri Oxman. The scientists used 3-D scans of Björk's bone and tissue structure to create the final design. Credit: Santiago Felipe/Dezeen

style="text-align: left;">Media artist Akinori Goto has given the zoetrope, a 19th-Century toy, a design upgrade. These cylindrical toys had images painted on inside wall of the drum and would create the illusion of an animation when spun round. Goto's zoetrope is a 3D-printed version made of wire that creates the illusion of a woman dancing. It won Runner-up Grand Prix and the Audience Award at this year's Spiral Independent Creators Festival. Credit: Ying Chai Su via Youtube

style="text-align: left;"> The FOSCAT32 is an energy-efficient catamaran with lightweight folding hulls. Designed by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis, it can switch from solar to wind as a power source. Credit: FOSCAT32

style="text-align: left;">Danish architects Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter has revealed their design for the Icefjord Centre, a climate research and visitor center to be located in Ilulissat, Greenland, 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The building will house scientists studying the Ilulissat Icefjord, a 250,000 year-old glacier. Visitors can observe the glacier from a rooftop platform, which leads down to a walking trail. Credit: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

The US Bank Tower in Los Angeles officially opened its Skyslide, a 46-foot-long glass slide that connects the 70th and 69th floors. For a fee starting at $19, visitors can slide down through the transparent structure, which offers a view of the city below. Credit: Oue Skyspace LA

BMW's MINI Vision Next 100 concept car envisions a future where people share cars that respond to individual drivers with person greetings as well as customized controls and colors. See how it works here. Credit: BMW

style="text-align: left;">This concept vehicle, Vektor, was designed by Pakistan-based Bilal Majeed as a method of transportation for those living on the edges of cities. It's a single-person car half the size of a standard vehicle and could be a way for those at the end of a train line to cover the last mile home. Credit: Bilal Majeed/Tuvie

style="text-align: left;">Colourflow is vibrant animation from Australian digital artist David McLeod. It captures the collective motion of a murmuration or a school of fish evading a predator. The animated particles move as if contained within an invisible sphere. Watch it here. Credit: David McLeod via Vimeo

This little all-terrain robot is a softy. It has silicone-based wheels that flex over rough terrain and a soft motor that provides torque without straining engine parts. Credit: Xiangyu Gong

style="text-align: left;">By embedding nanoparticles of silica into plastic, scientists at Ohio State University have found a way to make surfaces super slippery. Whatever liquid goo is contained inside — be it shampoo, ketchup, mayo, or oil — slides out completely without any clinging or waste. Credit: OhioStateExperts via Youtube