Swear Off Love! 10 Apps for the Anti-Valentine

Valentine's Day is not for everyone.

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Valentine's Day is not for everyone. Maybe you just broke up with that special jerky someone or perhaps you've grown tired of the dating scene, the hollow pick-up lines and empty promises. We don't blame you. But how to get through those 24 aspartame-sweetened hours on February 14? Apps, that's how. Here are 10 right up your alley.

Being single doesn't mean you have to sit around at home on a Saturday night. There's nothing like a cold one to warm your heart. To determine the best place, download


, available for iPhone, iPad and Android. The price is right (free), and you’ll be able to select bars based on distance or tap selection. The app also provides access to user reviews and ratings. Three cheers for being single.

While you're still sober, download

Drunk Dial NO!

($.99), which is available for iPhone and iPad. It will send off warnings to stop you from calling that certain someone in your weakened state of mind. You do not want to commit the faux pas of dialing the ex; it never ends well.

If you’re a firm believer that Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday and are looking to declare your anti-romantic views, this 99-cent app, available on the iPhone and iPad, could be just for you. It features 42 pieces of audio animosity, such as "I hate these stupid candies; they taste like crap." "Valentine's Day sucks," "I hate you," and "Happy V-D." Ah, the soothing sounds of not giving a darn.


, available for free for the iPhone, iPad and Android, helps you break up in the ever-complicated digital age. It combs through your Facebook profile and discreetly deletes anything that your ex is tagged in.

Your friends keep telling you to "get out there," and "stop wallowing." You're tired of hearing it, but you've run out of excuses. Time to download this app.

Easy Excuses

(free) is available for the iPhone and iPad, and is here to help you with a list of excuses meant to get you out of almost any situation, including being set up with your mom's cousin's dry cleaner.

Time to get busy...in the kitchen, that is.

Food Network in the Kitchen

, now available for free on the iPhone, iPad and Android, could be your perfect companion. The app offers guidance from your favorite Food Network chefs and thousands of their recipes.

Let's face it. The opposite sex just doesn't understand you. Maybe it's time to flirt with the paranormal.

Spirit Story Box

($.99) is an iPhone app that senses the paranormal activity around you and enlightens you about what messages they are trying to send you. Pssst, I think Casper is trying to get your attention.

Tired of talking to humans?

Talking Tom Cat 2

, a free app available for the iPhone, iPad and Android, features an animated cat that will repeat your phrases back to you in a high-pitched voice. This updated version also gives you the chance to give Talking Tom some style, by accessorizing him with hats, sunglasses and even colored contacts. Surely, Tom is more interactive than some dates you've had.

Who needs love when there are more intriguing things to do with your time -- like binge-playing

Monument Valley

, where you can manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through an enchanted world. For $3.99 and available on the iPhone, iPad or Android, this game has a loyal following. Watch out for those bothersome crow people.

At the end of the day, there's no one more important than you. If you don't believe so, you might need this app.

Unique Daily Affirmations

(free), available on iPhone, iPad and Android, helps inspire positivity by sharing messages like, “I am in control of the situation.”