Surfing Pig? Animals Catch Waves

Various four-legged critters ride some not-so-monstrous waves in this video collection.

style="text-align: left;">Pigs may not be flying (yet) but they are surfing. At least this one is, and it's not the only animal to catch a wave. In honor of this sweltering summer we present you with a few cool critters out on their boards.

style="text-align: left;">This goat has it allllll under control; don't you worry.

style="text-align: left;">OK, if your surfboard is actually a dog, it's still surfing, right? This cat catches a doggie ferry to the other side of the pool.

style="text-align: left;">Squirrel! We're bending the definition of surfing on this one, because a water-skiing squirrel is too cute to pass up just because its choice of ride looks a bit different. Hey, it's still riding the waves! Er, in the pool.

style="text-align: left;">This pug named Brandy cruises in for the beach.

style="text-align: left;">Meet the world record holder for the longest wave surfed. By a dog. That's according to the Guinness World Records people.