When application programming interfaces (APIs) became available, virtually anyone could customize an online map. | Dustin Cable

Stunning Maps Help Visualize Complex Data

After application programming interfaces became available, suddenly everyone was customizing online maps.

August 31, 2013
7:00 AM EDT
This maps details all the tropical cyclones that have occurred in the Western Hemisphere since the NOAA started keeping record in 1842. | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
A new interactive map from the National Atlas of the United States charts streams, creeks and rivers. | National Atlas of the United States
Travel the routes of famous explorers or explore fictional lands. | GOOD, Wanderlust
Wordmap shows places heavily identified with certain words, such as "hipster" or "romantic." | Wordmap, Yelp
Hill Mapper San Francisco helps residents find (or avoid) the steepest climbs. | Hillmapper, Sam Maurer
Project Reason maps biblical contradictions. | Project Reason
In his latest visualization project, the Pittsburgh-based artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm imagines what the net household income of each neighborhood in NYC would look like if it were reflected in building height. | Nickolay Lamm
In this map that visualizes segregation of races in New York City, white people are represented by blue dots, African-Americans by green, Asians by red and Latinos by orange. | Dustin Cable
Researchers from the University of Cambridge used network analysis to plot the relationship between chemical flavor compounds. | University of Cambridge
This interactive map shows global traffic deaths. | Pulitzer Center
By funneling data on climate, terrorist organizations, energy resources and local economics into their predictive analytics technology, DigitalGlobe aims to predict those geopolitical shifts. | DigitalGlobe