Rhea chicks enjoy feathery piggyback rides. | Mehgan Murphy/Smithsonian's National Zoo

Stand-Up Dads in the Animal Kingdom: Photos

Whether fat, furred or feathered, doting dads are prevalent in the animal kingdom.

June 13, 2014
7:00 AM EDT
Male seahorses are Mr. Mom. | Owen Evans, Flickr
Adelie penguin fathers babysit for two weeks at a time without a single break. | Emma Marks
Burying beetle dads put up with begging, barfing and prodding. | University of Exeter
A sand goby dad is a true fan of its family. | Wikimedia Commons
Meerkat fathers patiently teach their kids what's right and wrong. | Wikimedia Commons
In trouble? If you're a baby baboon, dad will come to your rescue. | Wikimedia Commons
Single dad spiders care for hundreds of eggs. | Gustavo Requena
Fossils suggest some dinosaurs were first-rate dads. | Mick Ellison, American Museum of Natural History
You are what your dad eats, so caring dads care about what they consume. | Rabble, Flickr