An artist rendering of the Cassini spacecraft entering orbit around Saturn. | NASA

Saturn’s Icy Moons Are a Little Less Mysterious Thanks to Cassini’s Long Mission

The spacecraft’s mission will come to an end next week when it plunges into Saturn, but over the last decade it has helped to expand understanding of Saturn’s moons.

Photograph of Enceladus, the sixth-largest moon of Saturn | Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images
This view of Titan, the largest of Saturn's 56 known moons, was taken on 26 December 2005 and reveals structure in the moon's complex atmosphere. | SSPL/Getty Images
Rhea, moon of the planet Saturn, assembled from a composition of multiple photos taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft, 1980 | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
This NASA Cassini Spacecraft image obtained 24 November, 2004 shows Saturn's icy moon Tethys | HO/AFP/Getty Images
Saturn's satellite Mimas, taken by Voyager 1 on November 12, 1980 | Corbis via Getty Images