Joel Johansson

Warp in Space-Time Mega-Magnifies Supernova Explosion for Hubble

Astronomers caught an extremely rare phenomenon: a galaxy positioned perfectly to give them a peek at a distant supernova through a gravitational lens, magnified 50 times.

Published On 04/21/2017
7:30 AM EDT
The supernova iPTF16geu located in an image by the Palomar 48-inch telescope in California. The first photo shows an image of the area from the San Diego Sky Survey, and Hubble Space Telescope images reveal a foreground galaxy and the faraway supernova, whose light bent around the galaxy to arrive at Hubble four different times. An image of the supernova from the Keck telescope is also included. | Joel Johansson
The Keck Observatory in Hawaii leapt into action to capture this view of the supernova iPTF16geu after it was spotted with the Hubble Space Telescope, a lensing event magnifying it by 50x. | ESA/Hubble, W. M. Keck Observatory