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Soccer's History From Cuju to FIFA

The earliest form of soccer is generally thought to be a Chinese game called cuju.

Published On 06/26/2014
7:00 AM EDT
Emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty watching a cuju game. | Wikimedia Commons
Playing kemari. | Wikimedia Commons
Aboriginal domestic scene showing Marn Grook playing. | Wikimedia Commons
Ancient Greek epsikyros player (left); Ancient Roman fresco depicts harpastum match(right). | Gun Powder Ma/Wikimedia Commons; Wikimedia Commons
Street football was banned in England from 1314 until 1681. At that time, King Charles II (right) gave the game royal patronage. | Wikimedia Commons; National Portrait Gallery, London/Wikimedia Commons
A historical reenactment of Calcio in Florence. | Lorenzo Noccioli/Wikimedia Commons
The Sheffield team pictured in 1890. | Wikimedia Commons
Hand written "Laws of the game" for association Football drafted for The Football Association in 1863 on display at the National Football Museum, Manchester. | Wikimedia Commons
The 1930 World Champion Uruguay team. | Wikimedia Commons
Referee John Langenus in the 1930 World Cup final; sprays foam to mark the free kick distance during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. | Wikimedia Commons; Michael Steele/Getty Images