Edward Snowden speaks during an interview in Hong Kong. | YouTube screengrab

Snowden: Defectors' Fates in Russia...Not So Nice

Disgruntled spies and whistleblowers of the past have found life tough in Mother Russia.

Published On 08/02/2013
6:40 AM EDT
Glenn Michael Souther met a grim, self-inflicted fate. | WIkimedia commons
A 1985 FBI Wanted Poster for former CIA agent Edward Lee Howard was wanted in the United States on charges of spying for the Soviet Union. | Corbis
William Martin is shown at far left and Bernon Mitchell is at far right. | NSA
Red Square in Moscow, Russia, where Hamilton took refuge. | Corbis
Joseph Stalin had no patience for idealistic American communists in the 1930s. | Corbis
Former CIA operative Philip Agee gives a clenched first gesture, June 3, 1977 as he sails from England for the Netherlands. Agee was ordered to be deported by Home Secretary Merlyn Rees as a security risk. | Corbis