Skateboard Transforms Into Snowboard

This interchangeable board promises riders two sports in one piece of equipment.

<p>Araguaney Design</p>

Even though the first snowboarders in the 1970s drew inspiration from skateboarding, the two activities require much different gear.

Now an industrial designer in Colorado wants to unite the sports with a board that can crossover from the streets to the slopes, according to GrindTV.

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The Seasons board, developed by Gabriel Rodriguez, is a multi-surface skateboard that transforms into a snowboard. Remove the wheels from the deck, and then add the bindings and metal edges to make the transition.

Born in Venezuela, Rodriguez studied industrial design in Germany, the United States, and Spain, where he graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona, according to his online bio. Currently he's based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and heads up the Araguaney Design Studio.

"I've always wanted to have a skateboarding feeling when snowboarding, have a board that allowed me to turn and to have control with the size and versatility of a skateboard," Rodriguez says in a Kickstarter video. This month he's attempting to raise $12,000 to help increase production of the Seasons boards.

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There are three different board designs depending on what kinds of activity the rider wants to do. The Antelope can switch between snowboarding and snowskating, while the Explorer and Alpine both begin as longboards. The Explorer's base is slightly smaller than the Alpine's, and the Alpine can accommodate metal edges.

The unique boards are handmade in Colorado and range from $160 for just the Antelope deck to $360 for a full Alpine package with all the hardware. Since his crew began in October 2014, Rodriguez has been producing about 30 boards a month. They'd like to get that figure closer to 150. Kickstarter backers have only put about $300 toward the goal, but there are still 10 days left.

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Being a big fan of multi-tasking equipment, I love Rodriguez's idea and think it has a lot of promise. When it comes to buying sports equipment, everything you need can add up quickly. A two-for-one sounds affordable, especially for someone who does both sports casually.

Having narrowly avoided skateboarding straight into a frozen lake in college and tumbled down an icy slope while attempting to go downhill skiing as an adult, I'm definitely not the target for a Seasons board. That said, if they ever produce a stand-up paddle board that converts into a toboggan, that would be my speed. In the meantime, they've got a deck for whatever surfaces come your way.