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Showdown: MegaBot, Others Compete for Tech Bucks

The Extreme Tech Challenge at CES showcases ten cutting-edge tech projects. Continue reading →

We all want a brighter future for our children. A healthy planet. A strong economy. And, ideally, an international sports league of giant fighting robots.

Whatever future you're holding out for, chances are it's on the line today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In one of the show's premiere events, ten entrepreneurial teams with wildly varied technology start-up ideas - will compete for funding at the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) showcase, held in the Venetian Bellini Ballroom.

MegaBots, Inc. - one of the semi-finalists in the competition - is hoping to win a slot as a finalist (there are three) with its 15-foot-tall fighting robot known as the MegaBot Mark II.

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You may recall that the MegaBot team recently issued a challenge to Japan's famous fighting robot, Kuratas. Organizers of the TBA heavyweight bout hope that it will be the first step toward a future robot sports league of spectacular arena battles. That's where the funding comes in.

The MegaBot team has some stiff competition at CES, though. The ten semi-finalist entries - selected from a pool of more than 1,000 applicants - include ambitious projects for genetic testing, virtual reality, advanced crowdfunding, wearable computing and even a social networking platform for cannabis users.

The three finalists chosen will move on to the February finals on Necker Island, where event sponsor (and island owner) Richard Branson will declare the final winner. The XTC Challenge champion will receive a package of monetary funding, infrastructure help and other start-up boosters to accelerate development.

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You can get more details at the Extreme Tech Challenge website. If you're in town, the MegaBot Mark II will also be making a live appearance at the Xtreme Drone Circuit racing event in Las Vegas this weekend.