Cells from a diseased brain. | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Shockingly Filthy Things That You Touch

Germs are hiding everywhere, and in places you might not expect.

September 10, 2013
8:50 AM EDT
Beware your doctor's tie. | Corbis Images
Smartphones may be smart, but they're usually not clean. | Corbis Images
Items in a fridge are kept cool to ward off germs, but some germs can still thrive. | Samsung
Many different hands touch grocery carts. | Getty Images
Wash your hands before dinner, then you may want to again after touching the menu. | Getty Images
Washing machines may clean, but they don't always disinfect. | Corbis Images
Lemon may be refreshing in your drink, but not always clean. | iStockphoto
ATM transactions may be quick, but germs still find time to infect. | redspotted/Creative Commons
Your keyboard probably hosts more germs than your toilet. | Corbis Images