Shark GIF of the Day: Whitetip Reef Shark

What the whitetip reef shark lacks in size it makes up for in stealth. Catch a glimpse of this shrewd swimmer.

True to its name, the whitetip reef shark sports shiny white tips on its dorsal and caudal fins. It enjoys nosing about in reef neighborhoods, and would rather cruise shallower waters not much deeper than 100 feet, but it can also be found venturing out into open waters of the ocean. It's most commonly found among the coral reefs of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

The whitetip is a nighttime hunter, keeping a low profile during the daylight hours. Giving lie to the notion that sharks must always stay in motion, the whitetip can, and often does, sit still on the ocean floor while still managing to keep water pumping over its gills so it can breathe.

The whitetip isn't a terribly large shark, maxing out at a bit more than 5 feet in length. Its small, slender body lets it sneak into tight spaces in reefs to make a snack out out of whatever might be in there. It will feast on eels, lobsters, crabs, and even octopus, among other things, seizing its prey at night, when the unsuspecting critters are sleeping.

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