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Sex Toys: Tasty Tech Eye Candy Gets Frisky

Sex is getting a goose from virtual reality, 3-D printing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, smartphone apps, and wearable electronics.

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This week in Las Vegas, vendors at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo showed off the latest advances in their industry. Like every other business, technology is making inroads. That's right, sex is getting a goose from virtual reality, 3-D printing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, smartphone apps, and wearable electronics. Here's a round-up of a few of our frisky favorites.



, 3-D printing enthusiasts can download designs for a sex toys and print them at home. The vibrating toys come in a range of designs, from straightforward to funky. There are even toys shaped like Sigmund Freud and Justin Bieber.


Smartphones During Sex: Do You Do It?

Sex toy maker OhMiBod has a new product meant to help women strengthen their pelvic muscles. The Lovelife Krush is an activity tracker for kegel exercises that connects via Bluetooth to the companion app, called The Art and Science of Love. The device is due out this spring and can be pre-ordered for $75.


Top Surprising Health Benefits

Condom maker Durex makes Fundawear, wearable underthings for long-distance relationships. The underwear has tiny, vibrating parts that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. Thinking of that special someone across the way? Tap the app and give your sweetie a buzz.


Secret And Sordid Sex Lives Of Scientists: Photos

Realov offers a line of smartphone-controlled toys, including the first sound-activated device, shown here.


Am I A Sex Addict?!

The SexFit is a Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-equipped ring that pairs with a smartphone app to help men achieve and maintain erections. It also tracks calories burned and thrusts per minute.


Do Sex Strikes Work?

Virtual reality is infiltrating porn. Viewers can have 3-D virtual sex by wearing any of the headsets available, including the $25 Google Cardboard, the $599 Oculus Rift and anything in between. Just tune in to any one of a number of virtual realty porn sites on the Web.


Sexiest Tech And Techiest Sex Of The Year

For women with low libidos, check out the Fiera Arouser for Her. It's a small device that uses a suction-like feature to cover a woman's special parts and provide stimulation for up to 15 minutes. The increase in blood flow could help improve arousal.


3-D Printing Set To Customize Your Pleasure

The Little Bird pairs the guilty pleasure of reading erotic fiction with the guilty pleasure of self-pleasuring. The companion reading app for Android and iOS sparks the imagination. While reading, just shake or caress the bird to trigger vibrations or breathe on the screen if you're feeling hot and heavy.


Futuristic Bra Only Opens For 'True Love'

They're not available yet, not the way you might expect. At the moment, companies are more or less selling expensive dolls that make those old-school inflatable ones look like beach toys. But it's not difficult to imagine a future where robotic, animated humanoids with soft limbs and computer brains work with virtual reality systems for an immersive experience. The best part: Nerds get to keep their glasses on in bed.


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