An active sex life can have a range of health benefits. | Corbis Images

Sex: Top Surprising Health Benefits

It works against migraines, heart disease, even gum decay, to name a few.

Published On 02/25/2015
11:00 AM EST
An active sex life and a healthy pregnancy can go hand in hand. | Corbis Images
Sex during menstruation can not only potentially relieve migraines but also cramping. | Corbis Images
Even kissing has its potential health benefits. | Corbis Images
Though it can occasionally be a source of heartache, sex has also been proven to reduce instances of heart disease. | Corbis Images
A healthy sex life can help get you through cold and flu season. | Corbis Images
Stronger pelvic muscles can decrease the likelihood of incontinence. | Getty Images
A doctor and patient discuss prostate health. | Corbis Images