Becoming immortal would mean trading your body for that of a machine with the 2045 Initiative. | Corbis Images

Seeking Immortality? So Have Others...

A Russian Internet mogul is claiming to be able to make humans immortal by 2045. Are we finally getting close to the secret of immortality?

Published On 04/08/2013
6:40 AM EDT
Even 4,000 years ago, humans sought the secret to eternal life. | Corbis Images
Terracotta warriors adorned the tomb of China's first emperor. | Corbis Images
Gunpowder might be the among the furthest things possible from the recipe for immortality. | Getty Images
An illustration of the fabled king Prester John | Corbis Images
Ponce de Leon | Corbis Images
Turritopsis dohrnii | Photo: Turritopsis dohrnii Credit: YouTube
Patients at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation are placed into these large metal casings that are cooled to -320 degrees Fahrenheit. | Corbis Images
Telomeres are small strands of DNA at the tips of chromosomes. | Corbis Images