The massive space station Elysium, home to the wealthy and powerful, orbits a devastated Earth. | Sony Pictures

Science vs. Fiction: 'Elysium'

The allegorical sci-fi epic 'Elysium' depicts life on Earth in the year 2154. What's the science behind the fiction?

Published On 08/09/2013
8:00 AM EDT
"Elysium" portrays a terminally crowded Earth in 2154. | Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures
Max gets a cybernetic tune-up from the slum's resident surgeon. Yes, he's the surgeon. | Sony Pictures
Max is desperate to reach a "Med Bay" pod, which cures all illness but is restricted to the wealthy. | Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures
An renegade orbital shuttle from Earth makes a run at the space station Elysium. | Sony Pictures