Science Finally Says We Should Never Work 40 Hours A Week

Researchers have found that working long hours could be putting your mental and physical health at serious risk.

A study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine sampled roughly 3,800 men and 4,000 women to get an idea of how working for a long time would affect their health. They found that on average, working more than 39 hours per week led to a decline in mental health.

Researchers think this is because it gives you less time to eat healthy meals and to take care of yourself. And there were actually pretty huge differences in how men and women were affected by work. For men the upper healthy limit was pegged around 43.5 hours, whereas for women it was closer to 38.

That difference was made even more dramatic when considering that women are often expected to take care of household, unpaid work in addition to their hourly workload.

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