Russian Police Enlist Cloned Dogs to Sniff Out Trouble

The same South Korean biotech firm that wants to clone a woolly mammoth gives three lab-created canines to Siberia's Sakha Republic.

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Three cloned dogs have been given to Russian security officials by South Korean scientists from the same team that wants to clone a woolly mammoth.

According to the Siberian Times, researchers from Sooam Biotech, led by Dr. Hwang Woo-Suk, have donated three Belgian Malinois to trainers with the All-Russian Military-Historical Society in Russia's Republic of Sakha in Siberia.

Two of the dogs will be employed by the republic's interior ministry as sniffers trained to detect explosives and illegal drugs. A third will be trained to help sniff out artifacts from archaeological sites, according to The Telegraph.

"These dogs have been recreated from the cells of the best Korean sniffer dogs, inheriting their unique abilities," a Russian official in the republic told the Siberian Times. "They will be the first cloned service dogs in Russia."

Huge Animal Cloning Factory Under Construction in China

Woo-Suk has gained worldwide notoriety in the animal cloning field. His team was the first to clone a dog, in 2005, and more recently he has garnered headlines for his goal of one day cloning a woolly mammoth from material culled from Siberian permafrost.

Sooam Biotech, for its part, has cloned hundreds off dogs and announced in November 2015 that it was teaming with Boyalife in China to create what would amount to the world's largest cloning factory, creating dogs, horses and up to a million beef cattle a year.

As for the three new dogs that have arrived in the Republic of Sakha, the animals are still adjusting to the harsh Siberian cold and also will need to learn how to respond to their commands in Russian, according to RT.

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Top Photo: Dogs cloned by South Korea's Sooam Biotech arrive in Yakutsk, Russia. Credit: Youtube Screen Capture/RT