Rowers Crush Atlantic Ocean Endurance Record

A team of four grappled with 40-foot waves, hallucinations and excruciating sores, but beat the previous race record by four days.

A team of four school buddies from the UK just arrived in Antigua, having rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in record time.

Team Ocean Reunion grappled with 40-foot waves, hallucinations, excruciating sores, and also beat the previous race record by four days.

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Tthe ridiculously grueling Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge began on December 20 in the Canary Islands. The four friends from Rutland in the UK -- Joe Barnett, Gus Barton, Jack Mayhew and Angus Collins -- arrived in Antigua having completed the 3,000-mile race in a mere 37 days, 9 hours, and 12 minutes.

That was enough to beat the previous best time of 41 days, set by the pairs team Locura back in 2014, according to the official race site. The Ocean Reunion guys also successfully raised more than $185,000 for two British charities.

If rowing across the Atlantic sounds extremely painful and frightening, well, it totally is. The Ocean Reunion teammates, all in their 20s, had to deal with raging tropical storms, pure physical pain, and constant sleep deprivation as they took turns rowing in two-hour shifts.

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No matter how many times I read about this race, it still sounds completely insane. American pairs team Philip Theodore and Daley Ervin told Syracuse.com earlier this month that blisters on their hands had split open, exposing them to saltwater. Their bathroom is a bucket. They had capsized twice, and a seven-foot shark kept biting their rudder.

The rest of the competitors, made up of singles, pairs and four-person teams, are still making their way to the finish line. Row Like a Girl, currently on track to be second, includes Angus Collins' sister Bella. See the latest race news on Twitter.

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Meanwhile, the Ocean Reunion team celebrated their arrival at English Harbour with local beer, chocolate, and flares.

When asked about their win, the race site reported that skipper Collins said, "I wouldn't do it again in a hurry." But then he added that if any of his teammates did ask him, he would. Those are some true mates.