The fast and maneuverable Naro-Tartaruga will have pressure, temperature, water leakage and water flow sensors, along with gyros, GPS and a compass to navigate. | ETH Zurich

Robots Inspired By Water Creatures: Photos

Take a surreal dip with these aquatic robots.

Published On 07/09/2013
12:45 PM EDT
Soft arms and artificial muscles give this octobot a firm grip. | Massimo Brega
A robot based on a salamander has a neural network modeled on a real one. | Kostas Karakasiliotis, Biorobotics Laboratory, EPFL
The 3.3-foot-long robotic sea turtle called Naro-Tartaruga weighs 165 pounds and swims fairly quickly. | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Jellyfish use little energy to move so an autonomous, robotic one could monitor and explore oceans continuously. | Virginia Tech
A tree frogs' gripping feet became the inspiration for a robotic camera that could safely move around slippery internal tissues during abdominal surgery. | University of Leeds
A carp-like robot was designed to detect pipeline leaks and help lay communication cable. | National University of Singapore
A shark-like robot that moves silently and stealthily through the water will be deployed this summer to follow and study actual sharks off the California coast. | Gwen Goodmanlowe
Silicone wings that expand and contract help this robotic manta ray move through water like the real thing. | West Chester University
This swimming robot is designed to clean toxic metals from waterways. | Fortune Institute of Technology