Road Trip on the Edge of the Himalayas

Three friends in India decided to take a road trip to the Rohtang Pass and ended up in a traffic jam that almost cost one man his life.

The photo in this episode might make your stomach lurch a little bit. Yep, that's right. It's a truck teetering on the edge of a mountain. And not just any mountain. This is the Leh-Manali Highway in Himachal Pradesh India, near the Rohtang Pass, which means this is a really, really high mountain. Falling from this altitude would mean certain death.

Rohtang actually translates to "pile of corpses" in the local language. At 4,000 meters above sea level, the area is subject to harsh winds and freezing conditions, making the whole scenario even more daunting. In this case, it wasn't the weather that caused the truck to almost go over the edge, it was an unexpected landslide that made the driver lose control.

The photographer, Rajarshi from Mumbai, was on his way to see the Rohtang Pass with a group of friends when traffic came to a standstill. He decided to get out of his car to find out what was going on. He hiked for over an hour until he came to the source of the gridlock, and this photo is from the scene he found. Later, while looking at the photo, the gravity of the situation struck him. The truck driver so narrowly escaped death, and Rajarshi and his friends could've just as easily been in the same situation on that road.

After witnessing the chaos of the truck accident, Rajarshi finally made it to the Rohtang Pass. Even with all the risks, he's confident it's still worth the visit. He says "The day we went there were no tourists, absolutely none. The three of us were on the pass and it was complete solitude, absolute silence. Only we had the mountains with us, the white snow around, the sun shining..."