'Rhino Cam' Captures Day in Life of Orphan

A GoPro camera was all that was required to glimpse the world as Thor the rhino sees it.

The non-profit group Care for Wild Africa, through its partner Working With Rhinos, came up with a compelling way to help raise awareness about the problem of rhinoceros poaching in South Africa. Staff at the sanctuary in Mpumalanga, South Africa rigged an orphaned rhino named Thor with a GoPro camera.

The footage really lets viewers see what the world up ahead looks like to the young rhino, as Thor makes his way around his home, among his fellow rhinos and his human friends -- eating, napping and exploring. Thor was orphaned at two weeks old when his mother was killed for her horns, which poachers typically sell in black markets in Asia for their purported medicinal benefits.

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Thor is a black rhino, a species classified as critically endangered on the IUCN "red list" of threatened species. Care for Wild Africa boasts the world's biggest rhino sanctuary and works to raise and rehabilitate orphaned and injured animals like Thor so they can live once again in the wild.

WATCH VIDEO: "GoPro on a Critically Endangered Black Rhino"

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