R. Buckminster Fuller popularized the geodesic dome. | Bettmann/CORBIS

Retro Inventor's Utopic Vision Sparks Future Tech

A new book revives a mid-Century philosophy to solve modern problems.

Published On 03/21/2016
11:45 AM EDT
Fuller's Dymaxion Car photographed in 1934. | Bettmann/CORBIS
Single-celled slime mold are able to solve complex problems. | Thinkstock
Octopi have brains in their legs. | Thinkstock
R. Buckminster Fuller photographed with his Dymaxion House concept in 1932. | Bettmann/CORBIS
So-called WikiHouses can be built by downloading free plans from the Internet and then using them to cut out wooden parts on standard woodshop equipment. | WikiHouse
Bertoldi Lab/Harvard SEAS
R. Buckminster Fuller had a plan to dome the city of Manhattan. | Bettmann/CORBIS
Mist systems cool the immediate vicinity of park in Australia. | Dale Gillard/Flickr Creative Common
Valving Traffic | Thinkstock