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Ret. General Muhammadu Buhari Wins Nigerian Election

Plus, marriage equality makes progress in Japan, global warming will damage oceans for thousands of years, and more stories that went around the office today

-Retired general Muhammadu Buhari has won the presidential election in Nigeria, defeating current President Goodluck Jonathan by an estimated 2 million votes. Mr. Buhari previously ruled the country after a military coup in the 1980s. If the transition of power goes peacefully, it will be the first time in Nigeria's history between civilians of different political parties.
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-Indiana Governor Mike Pence continued to defend the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Gov. Pence said liberals and the national media have mischaracterized the law, which would prohibit any legislation that "substantially burden[s]" an individual's freedom of religion, unless the government proves a compelling reason to impose that burden. Gov. Pence has also said that the law's intent is not to allow businesses the right to deny services to anyone.
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-Researchers at the University of California at Davis say that the effects of climate change will have long-term consequences for our oceans-as in, thousands of years. Also today, President Obama reaffirmed the pledge that the U.S. will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent, relative to 2005 levels.
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-Scientists are using glow in the dark tampons to monitor water contamination in the UK.
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-Japan has inched closer to recognizing same-sex marriages with Tokyo's Shibuya Ward becoming the first local government authority to grant legal recognition of same-sex partnerships. Japan's government veers on the conservative side and a recent poll from a local newspaper found that only 44 percent of people approved the idea of same-sex marriage in Japan.
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-Lastly, our friends at Discovery News compiled some of the best nature and space photographs of the week.

Photo courtesy of Clara Sanchiz / Flickr