Recycled Christmas Lights Make Glowing Mini-Lanterns

With the careful construction of tiny paper origami cubes, you can infuse some light and beauty into any room. Continue reading →

It's almost time to take down the Christmas tree and stash away the holiday decorations and lights.

However, if you're looking to infuse some light into your home or spread more cheer throughout the year, you might want to consider this interesting DIY tip to transform your Christmas lights into miniature glowing paper cubes.

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This lovely décor, which doesn't go out of season, involves the careful construction of tiny paper origami lanterns.

Designer paper product provider Whit and Whistle recently shared a step-by-step tutorial that requires little more than a string of lights, paper and some patience.

You can begin by getting a string of 20 lights - "use LED lights if you are worried about this being a fire hazard," warns Whit and Whistle - as well as 20 square pieces of paper. Whit and Whistle's recommended size for each piece of paper is 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches.

Then, you can carefully fold each piece of paper as demonstrated in this 16-step guide to create mini origami cubes.

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Finally, poke each light into a paper cube and you'll soon have a string of decorative, light-up lanterns to drape over a piece of furniture or hang across a room.

Now that's an easy - and magical - way to recycle your Christmas lights. For other ideas on how to recycle your Christmas lights, click here.

via Whit and Whistle