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Rare Albino Turtle Hatchling Treks Across Aussie Beach

The special green sea turtle is a one in a hundreds of thousands occurrence.

Queensland, Australia's Castaways Beach played host to a rare sight, as an albino green sea turtle was spotted in the sand, soon to head for the ocean.

The Coolum District Coast Care turtle survey group posted pictures of the tiny hatchling on its Facebook page, noting that it's the first albino turtle it has seen in nine years of monitoring turtles.

The group said the turtle, dubbed "Alby," was the last of more than 100 hatchlings to make its way out to sea from the beach.

Sea Turtles From Shell To Surf: Photos

"Albino hatchlings are extremely rare. It probably occurs at the rate of one in many hundreds of thousands of eggs that are laid," Queensland scientist Col Limpu told Australia's ABC.

Alby's chances of survival are dicey, Coolum District Coast Care President Leigh Warneminde told CNN. His color will make him stand out to predators, and, as it is, only 1 in 1,000 green sea turtles survives to adulthood.

Shown above are a pair of albino peregrine falcon chicks, from a rare species native to Patagonia. We

learned about

one of their kind this week, when a bird-egg trafficking operation was busted and an albino chick somehow managed to survive. These chicks aren't the only animals out there sporting a snow-white look, however. Albinism, a genetic mutation that results in no or very little melanin production, touches a variety of animals. In keeping with these winter days, a historic blizzard still faintly in the rear-view mirror, it seems like a good time to look at a few other pale animals that have caught our eye in recent years. Enjoy!

Rare Albino Falcon Chick Survives Trafficking Ordeal

We also learned this week about a rare white giraffe in Tanzania, whose skin condition, leucism, leaves it with a very un-giraffe-like look. Technically the giraffe, named Omo, does not exhibit albinism, but rather some or all of her pigment cells failed to develop during differentiation, leaving her body surface cells unable to make pigment.

Extremely Rare White Giraffe Spotted in Tanzania

This is Alabaster, an albino alligator at the South Carolina Aquarium that has consistently

bucked the odds

of living very long and is now 19 years old. In this November 2015 picture, he's in the midst of receiving an exam and a clean bill of health. Most alligators born with his mutation don't live much beyond 24 hours.

Albino Alligator Gets a Clean Bill of Health

Last spring came the story of albino wallaroos living near a racetrack in Australia. The white marsupials thrilled researchers, even as fears arose for the safety of the animals' chosen home.

Rare Albino Wallaroos Call Aussie Race Track H


In September 2014, this albino cobra made headlines nationwide when it slithered amok in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Albino Cobra on the Loose in California Suburb

This albino Risso's dolphin calf was spotted in Monterey Bay, Calif. last fall. There's even a cool video



Rare Albino Dolphin Calf Brightens Up Monterey Bay

A sad story, this one. Shown is an albino moose, an animal considered sacred to an indigenous people of Nova Scotia. It was killed in 2013 by hunters, shown posing with it.

'Spirit Moose' and Other Sacred Animals

This famous albino gorilla, Snowflake, who lived at the Barcelona Zoo, died of skin cancer in 2003. Research released in 2013 revealed that the distinctive ape had come by its albinism due to inbreeding.

Snowflake the Albino Gorilla Was Inbred