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Racing To The Future

Computer simulations are playing an important role in our journey into the future.

Our sponsor Toyota has been making headlines in the racing world. The Toyota Racing Development division partners with racing teams competing in several different series of races, including the Sprint Cup, the jewel of NASCAR.

Now you may wonder why I'm chatting about racecars in a show about the future. But bear me out! Toyota has created a cutting edge simulator designed to help racing teams become familiar with every track in all sorts of conditions. It's an incredible machine. And simulations are playing an important role in our journey into the future.

Computer simulations are getting more accurate every year, not just in the racing industry but in all sorts of applications. We're seeing simulations help in the aerospace, medical, meteorological and computer science fields. It wasn't that long ago that computers lacked the processing capability of handling so much data so fast. But as Moore's law keeps on chugging away, seemingly in defiance of physics, we can create computer systems capable of replicating everything from a space launch to neural activity in the brain.

If you could jump into a vehicle simulator, what kind would it be?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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