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Watch President Obama Host DNews on the Science Channel

It's a pretty big deal.

Starting Monday, President Barack Obama will fill in as host on Science Presents DNews. From Monday until Friday, Obama will deliver quick updates on a variety of topics, including space, technology, and public health.

Watch all of President Obama's hosted videos here:

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In his first segment, Obama talks about NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's recent return to Earth, after spending 340 days in orbit. NASA scientists hope to learn more about the effects of long-term space travel on the human body by studying Kelly. He's a particularly well-suited candidate, given he has an identical twin, Mark Kelly, who stayed on Earth that whole time.

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Other topics Obama will cover include new, minimally-invasive ways of tapping into brain waves, how big data is improving cancer treatment, and the story of Henrietta Swan Leavitt -- one of astronomy's most influential, but often-overlooked, figures.

You can watch Obama make his DNews debut tonight at 9pm Eastern on the Science Channel. For those without a TV, all of Obama's segments will be posted on DNews' YouTube channel as well as the Science Channel's website. Watch and chime in with #ObamaOnDNews to let us know what you think!