Atticus (Adewele Akinnouye-Agbaje) and Milo (Kit Harington) kick some ash in "Pompeii." | Sony Pictures

 'Pompeii:' 10 Strange Facts About the Roman Empire

As the historical action movie 'Pompeii,' opens we list 10 surprising things about ancient Romans you probably didn't know.

Published On 02/21/2014
7:30 AM EST
The deadly arena of Pompeii hosted gladiator games and the occasional riot. | Sony Pictures
Under the floor of a Roman villa in Vieux-la-Romaine, France | Wikimedia Commons
Pompeii aristocrat Severus (Jared Harris) sports a complicated toga. | Sony Pictures
The "bikini girls" mosaic is found in an ancient Roman villa near Piazza Armerina in Sicily. | Wikimedia Commons
Milo and Cassia (Emily Browning), post-eruption | Sony Pictures
Romans enjoyed their board games, such as this one from the second century C.E. | Wikimedia Commons
Tourists examine the aqueduct of Segovia in Spain. | Wikimedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons
Pompeii debutantes Cassia and Ariadne (Jessica Lucas) check out the boys over a cup of wine. | Wikimedia Commons
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