A pirate flag sails over a ship's mast. | Getty Images

Pirates: A Long, Scurvy History

Pirate history stretches back for millennia, from the ancient Greeks into the 21st century.

Published On 09/19/2013
7:00 AM EDT
Ancient pirates escape with loot and slaves in tow in this illustration. | Corbis Images
Pirates weren't cleared out of Cilicia until the Middle Ages. | Corbis Images
The Vikings' longboat allowed them to travel over long distances with many men in a short period of time, even bringing them as far as the Americas. | Getty Images
Barbarossa inherited his name from his older brother, who was killed in battle. | Corbis Images
A Spanish ship is attacked by pirate raiders. | Corbis Images
Henry Morgan stands in front of the burning remains of Panama City in this illustration. | Corbis Images
Cheng I Sao had a strict code of discipline for the men who served on her ships. Small infractions could lead to beheadings. | Getty Images
A Chinese journalist ventured into Somalia to photograph the men who were behind raids on ships of the Somali coast. | Corbis Images
A drone piloted by the Pirate Party crashes in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. | Corbis Images