The Texas design consultancy argodesign imagines three-tiered Hyperloop terminals for loading passengers and cargo. | argodesign

Pipe Dream: How Would Hyperloop Travel Work?

A design company imagines a traveler's experience riding the Hyperloop.

Published On 06/19/2015
2:30 PM EDT
In the proposed hyperoop terminal, cars would get their own berths. | argodesign
Depending on configuration, passenger capsules could include workspaces and restrooms. | argodesign
Capsules would be lifted off the loading platform and dropped directly onto the Hyperloop sled. | argodesign
In the future world of Hyperloop travel, people will still be binge-watching "Game of Thrones." | argodesign
Flexible interior screens will turn the walls of the cabin into digital displays. | argodesign
That vehicle capsule is up front for a reason. | argodesign