A.J. Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck, a.k.a. Jesus and Mary of Magdala, as they appear on the welcome page of their website. |

People Claiming to Be Jesus

With so many different people claiming to be the messiah, finding Jesus Christ is now easier than ever, it would seem.

Published On 07/19/2013
7:00 AM EDT
Vissarion worked as a police officer in the '90s before coming to the conclusion that he was the messiah. | Atlas Obscura
David Shayler used to work for British intelligence services, until he found another "calling." | Getty Images
Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was taken into custody in 2011 for an assassination attempt on President Barack Obama. | U.S. Park Police
Inri Cristo certainly tries to look the part of a modern-day Jesus Christ. | Corbis Images
Despite his bizarre beliefs, Sun Myung Moon managed to find influence in conservative politics. | Corbis Images
A legal loophole almost gave this Jesus imposter and sex offender a prayer of getting out of prison early. A Supreme Court ruling prevented that from happening. | Clayton Police Department
Playing God can have deadly consequences, as evidenced by the tragedy at Jonestown. | Corbis Images
The stand-off between David Koresh's group and federal agents met with a violent end in 1993. | Corbis Images