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Our Cosmic Mistake About Gravitational Waves

Two years ago, we reported on a finding that was later disproved! What have we learned about gravitational waves since then?

Albert Einstein was a bright fellow. Sixty years after his death and we're still coming across new evidence that confirms his theories. To wit: gravitational waves. Earlier this year, physicists of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) confirmed the first detection of gravitational waves - cosmic ripples in space time - passing through the Earth.

Alas, modern science can make mistakes, too. Two years ago, a telescope at the South Pole appeared to have made a similar observation regarding gravitational waves, but the conclusions were later disproved. Such is the nature of scientific progress. In today's special birthday edition of DNews, our resident space science expert Ian O'Neill updates the files on gravitational waves.

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