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Office Chairs Auto-Park Around Desk, Table

These chairs are mainly a way for Nissan to show off its self-parking technology. Continue reading →

We're all on board with self-driving cars, but what about self-driving chairs?

Nissan has used its collective brain power to develop the Intelligent Parking Chair. Clap your hands and the chair zooms in from wherever it was to park itself neatly behind A conference table or desk.

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In the video below, several chairs are shown pulling themselves up behind all sizes and shapes of tables.

"By day, these chairs are inanimate objects," Nissan boasted in a press release. "By night, they park!"

The chairs work because of Wi-Fi-enabled cameras positioned around the room. The cameras note the position of the chairs, send the info to a software program that calculates where each chair should be.

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When someone claps, it's like pushing the "on" button. The Wi-Fi transmits the route of where each chair should go and they roll into motion.

For now, these chairs are mainly a way for Nissan to show off its self-parking technology, but you know everyone and their CEO is gonna want one.

Watch the video.

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