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Now THIS Is How You Land a Rocket: SpaceX Video

After the private rocket company landed its Falcon 9 1st stage on an ocean barge after launching a satellite into space on Friday, SpaceX released a jaw-dropping video from the on-board camera.

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Ever wanted to know what it feels like to fall from orbit and land, with pin-point precision, on an ocean barge? Well, no, I haven't either. Because that's impossible, right? Actually, it's not, and Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX has proven it for the 3rd time. But on Friday, SpaceX proved that it could repeat a challenging fast reentry and landing, after delivering a satellite to orbit, again.

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In an amazing video from the camera on board the Falcon 9 rocket's first stage, we see the rocket, glide above the Earth's atmosphere, after separating from the second stage. With guidance fins extended, we see the occasional puff from attitude thrusters to keep the rocket on-track. Then it falls through the atmosphere, passing through clouds, picking up moisture on the way. Then vibrations as the rockets make their deceleration burn. Then you see it! The drone barge "Of Course I Still Love You" below and the rocket is on target! And then it lands gracefully on the shimmering ocean! Wow!

Just watch the video, this is what the cutting edge of space exploration looks like.

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