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Otter vs. Gator: Otter Wins: Photos

An otter make dinner out of an alligator in this stunning series of photos from the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Photos of an impressive battle between an otter and an alligator at

Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge

in Florida were

posted to Facebook

earlier this week on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife page.

The gruesome battle, documented by Geoff Walsh in 2011, depicts the hungry otter biting the reptile at the neck.

The otter eventually dragged the gator up on a bank and "proceeded to consume it, as evidenced by crunching noises," according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife captions.

By the time the alligator was dragged up on the bank, say the captions, it had given up the fight and was done resisting.

Otters may be cute, but as U.S. Fish and Wildlife points out, they are "the apex predator of many freshwater habitats." Read about other not-so-cute

behavior of otters here