Hungry Mouse Wins Ecology Image Competition: Photos

Contest yields a stunning array of pictures of nature in action.

BMC Ecology has just announced the winners of its ecology image photo competition, which produced an array of dazzling photographs. Following are some of the contest winners, as well as some other images that stood out. The overall contest winner went to this Namaqua rock mouse mingling with the pollen of a Pagoda Lily while dining on the nectar of the flowers.

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The overall runner-up went to this black-browed albatross and its chick on New Island in the northwest Falkland Islands.

Oldest Mama Bird Hatches New Chick

Editor's Pick went to this amazing group of King penguin chicks surrounding two overwhelmed-looking adults in the background.

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The winner in the behavioral and physiological ecology category was this

Camponotus morosus

ant being attacked by a parasitoid phorid fly. "At the moment of the attack the ants were involved in an intra-specific fight between two different ant nests, and presumably the fly detected the ants because of the alarm pheromones released during the fight," photographer Bernardo Segura explained.

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Much is going on in this winner of BMC Ecology's community, population and macroecology category. Captured are a crab spider on a flower attacking a euglossine bee while, just few petals over, a butterfly checks for some nectar.

Bumblebees Can Fly Higher Than Mount Everest

The conservation ecology and biodiversity prize was awarded to this shot of a young coral reaching its branches toward the sun. It's "the marine equivalent of a young tree shooting skyward to fulfil its ecological role in a forest," photographer Catherine Kim said. The picture was taken in the Philippine waters of the Sulu Sea.

The landscape ecology and ecosystems winner was this image from California's Death Valley. It captures a group of plants that are somehow able to survive in a world where only a few inches of rain fall per year.

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Other stunning images vied in the BMC competition. These acrobatic geladas have some fun while leaping down a steep incline to bed down in their sleeping roosts in the Ethiopian Highlands.

This competition entry was taken in central Chile and captures wasps mating while the female of the species holds a cricket.

Macabre Wasp Stacks Ant Skeletons in Its Home

Eastern swallowtails (

Papilio glaucus

) often grace river's edges in the eastern United States. They congregate in large numbers and feed on mineral deposits along the banks. Sometimes they even end up appearing in a photo competition.

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