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Endangered Giraffe Species Gains New Baby: Photos

Madrid Zoo welcomes the latest addition to the Rothschild giraffe club.

A baby female Rothschild giraffe (

Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi

) stands tall-enough with her mother at Madrid Zoo. She was born April 16, 2014, after of 14 months of gestation. The Rothschild is an endangered sub-species of giraffe that's very difficult to spot in the wild anymore.

Baby giraffe made fast friends with a white dromedary (

Camelus dromedarius

-- or, what we civilians like to call a camel). The Rothschild giraffe is the tallest of giraffe species. It can stand up to 20 feet in height, and the average adult weighs between 1,500 and 2,500 pounds.

The camel seems to enjoy the company of the new girl on the block. It hasn't all been fun and games though. Giraffe cows give birth standing up, so a baby giraffe's welcome to the world is with a thud, as they fall from about 6 feet up.

The camel and the baby giraffe? Friends for life. The giraffe weighed 132 pounds and stood 5 and a half feet tall at birth.

The new baby isn't the only Rothschild youngin' at the Madrid Zoo. Here the baby girl takes in the scenery with another Rothschild junior. If you're wondering why the newest newbie is already up and around, that's because giraffe babies are fast learners: They're walking within about an hour of being born. This one will nurse for another nine to 11 months, though, so it's not a complete romp to maturity.