No Feathers? No Problem. This Penguin Has a Wetsuit

An Adelie penguin at SeaWorld Orlando has a stylish new look.

A female Adelie penguin living at SeaWorld Orlando has been given a special article of clothing: a wetsuit tailored just for her.

The animal recently suffered a little understood condition in penguins called feather loss disorder, and it has left her unable to regulate her body temperature.

Enter a team of SeaWorld staffers, who designed the suit as a stand-in for her feathers, the facility's wardrobe department ensuring a custom fit.

First seen in African penguins in 2006, and documented elsewhere in the South Atlantic, the condition is rare and its cause still unknown. Penguins that exhibit the disorder also grow at a slower rate than those that don't.

As for this cute penguin, SeaWorld Orlando says it is now able to rest and dine among the other penguins in the site's "Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin" habitat.

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