A recreation of Godzilla shark. | Ray Troll,

Newly Found Godzilla Shark Featured Teeth Like Namesake: Photos

Godzilla shark ruled a warm lagoon 300 million years ago in what is now New Mexico.

Published On 05/15/2014
6:00 PM EDT
Researchers at the Monzano Mountains site. | John-Paul Hodnett
Paleontologists working at the site. | John-Paul Hodnett
Parts of the ancient shark were found embedded in the rock. | John-Paul Hodnett
Paleongologists next to the Godzilla shark fossil, Monzano Mountains. | Larry Rinehart/NMMNH
Godzilla Shark was a ctenacanth, which hold a key place on the shark family tree. | Ray Troll,
Humans would have been a tidbit for the big Godzilla shark. Godzilla shark next to a 5'10" person, with fossil parts of the shark also shown. | John-Paul Hodnett