For this street map of the United States, pink shades represent roads that were mapped recently by OpenStreetMap users; bluer shades represent roads that were mapped years ago. | OpenStreetMap

New Platinum Age of Maps

The world is experiencing a boom in plotting digital data thanks to revolutionary advances in mapping tools and software.

Published On 06/27/2013
10:00 AM EDT
The earliest mapped streets of London are shown in green and blue, while the most recently mapped streets are light pink. | OpenStreetMap
WorldMapper resizes countries according to subject. | Sasi Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan)
Software overlays data on solar panel potential over Google satellite images to show the best locations for generating solar power. | MIT
The potential ruins of "The White City," a fabled lost city in Honduras, were recently found using LiDAR technology. | Damian Evans/PNAS
In the wake of the tornado that ripped Moore, Okla., NPR's News Apps team put together a map of the twister's path. | Brian Boyer, Christopher Groskopf, Alyson Hurt, and Matt Stiles
This map uses the five federal categories describing fire conditions to indicate damage. | Matt Stiles, Stephanie D'Otreppe, Chris Groskopf, Jeremy Bowers and Brian Boyer
Bostonography created the above map of MBTA bus speeds culled over single day in Boston. | Bostonography
Geotagged photos from Flickr and Picasa are used to illustrate where natives and tourists have taken pictures in San Francisco. | Eric Fischer
New Yorkers can now look up the medium income of any block in the city. | John Keefe, Steven Melendez and Louise Ma
Each of the 454,064,098 dots on this map represent one person in the United States, Canada and Mexico. | Brandon Martin-Anderson
The Dogs of NYC Map explores dog names and breeds by area, right down to the zip code. | John Keefe, Steven Melendez and Louise Ma
When you order a soft drink, do you ask for a "pop," a "soda" or a "Coke?" | Matthew Campbell