New Baby Anteater Clings to Mom at Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo has announced the birth of a southern tamandua, a species of anteater and the zoo's second such birth.

Denver Zoo has just announced the birth of a southern tamandua, a species of anteater.

The male, named Salvador, is presently spending quality time with his mom, Rio, and is not yet available for the public to adore. As the video below shows, he's just old enough to cling to Rio and enjoy a life free, for the moment, of responsibilities.

Sometimes called lesser anteaters, southern tamandua live in areas east of the Andes Mountains, from Venezuela to Argentina and Uruguay, according to the zoo.

The adaptable creatures can make a living on savannas as well as rainforests and they can be comfortable in trees or on the ground. They eat termites and ants -- with tongues that can stretch out some 16 inches.

Little Salvador hitches a ride with his mom.

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