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National Almond Buttercrunch Day: DNews Nuggets

Get out there celebrate by stuffing your face with toffee!

National Almond Buttercrunch Day: Get ready to get hungry, or at least snacky. Today is National Almond Buttercrunch Day! Almond buttercrunch was popular in the 1940s, during World War II, because it was easy to ship to soldiers.

The candy company Brown & Haley began storing it in tins to keep the candy fresh, and thus the buttercrunch (and the tins) would survive the long trek to Europe or Asia. Almond buttercrunch is essentially English toffee. Some recopies contain almonds, while others call for dipping the toffee in chocolate or stirring in chocolate chips. The recipe is simple - butter, sugar, and some salt for the toffee.

If you're feeling adventurous today try and whip some up! Double points if you ship it to a soldier.

Today is also National Ceviche Day, but you probably shouldn't ship that anywhere. via CNN