Naked and Famous Introduces Scratch-and-Sniff Jeans

Tiny raspberry-scented capsules are baked into jeans. What scent would you chose?

Would you really expect anything less from a company that makes glow in the dark jeans?

Mad hatters of the boutique jean world, Naked and Famous Denim, have a new trick up their sleeve and it should be a big hit with those who hate doing laundry. New to the Montreal company's line for 2012 is a pair of scratch-and-sniff, raspberry-scented jeans. You heard me. Scratch-and-sniff jeans!

Used to be a pair of scratch-and-sniff jeans meant a pair of crusty Levis sprayed heavily with Febreze, but not these puppies. A coating of scented micro capsules have been baked into the jeans and when they're scratched, raspberry fragrance is released. And not to worry about the scent fading. Naked and Famous say they've washed these jeans five times and they still smell fresh.

Naked and Famous pride themselves on using "only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan", so don't expect these jeans to be priced like a pair of Wranglers at Sears. Expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $140 - $240.

No word yet on what other scents might be available. Presumably, the sky's the limit. Which only begs the question: What do you want your scratch and sniff jeans to smell like? I'm going to go with eucalyptus. Write your preference in the comments below. While you're racking your brain, check out Naked and Famous' video. Bet you wish you had Smell-O-Vision right about now?


Credit: Naked and Famous Denim